About the PTO 

Q: Why Join the PTO ?

A:  The PTO helps connect staff members and teachers with hundreds of parents in the community as partners and advocates in our children's education. The PTO benefits EVERY child at our school and is a valuable resource for every Montgomery Jr. High family. 

Q: Do I need to sign up to become a PTO member each school year? 

A: PTO Membership is good for one school year.  Our membership drive is at the beginning of the year, but you can join anytime. 

Q: If I am a PTO member, do I have to attend meetings, volunteer, or serve on the PTO Board? 

A: Not at all. Being a PTO member simply gives you the right to exercise your voice and vote on topics at the general membership PTO meetings. However, we believe there is great value in volunteering at the school for both the parents and students. There will be various volunteers opportunities throughout the year at various times to fit different schedules and we firmly believe that even an hour can make a huge difference. 

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There are still opportunities for you to participate. We would love to have you.

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One of the PTO's biggest fundraisers is the Membership drive.

Join the PTO for just $10.00 and receive  updates on current events at the school, PTO functions, and volunteer opportunities. 

All PTO meetings are held in  at 8:45 am  on the 2nd Thursday of every month, unless otherwise  stated.

Sept.  10th 2020 via zoom

Oct.  8th 2020

Nov.  12th 2020

Dec.  10th 2020

Jan.  14th 2021

Feb. 11th 2021

March 11th 2021

April 8th 2021

May 13th 2021

All dates are   tentative and subject to change.

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